Why select our validators?

Dedicated Servers

We invest in dedicated servers for added performance and reliability. Our servers are generously resourced well above Polkadot's benchmark computers with each having 12 CPU Cores, 32 GB RAM and mirrored NVMe drives. Even at times of high demand our servers are never without resources.

Polkadot ecosystem

Our team is exclusively focused on operating nodes for the Polkadot ecosystem. By keeping our focus narrow, we maximise our resources towards ensuring we are attentive to changes within the Polkadot eco-system and quickly respond to urgent upgrade/downgrade requests. We have made a considerable personal investment in self-staking in our nodes - so you can say we have 'skin in the game'.


We have invested in backup nodes decentralised across multiple countries to minimise the possibility of disruption. Our computing infrastructure enables us to deploy additional servers for backup, load balancing or temporarily halting a primary server for maintenance purposes. All of these factors aim to ensure we maximise our the up-time and reliability of our nodes.

Trusted & known

Polkadot and Kusama were launched by the Web3 Foundation and our identity has been verified with the Web3 Foundation as a known-good identity holder. Learn more about identity judgements. Our team lead is also readily available on Discord and Element if you ever have a question.

Recognised expertise

We provide educational consultancy and support to other validators and nominators via our social channels. Our team includes an official Polkadot and Kusama ambassador and community discord moderator.


In the future we will be offering additional benefits for those who nominated our vaildators. Stay tuned and check back soon to learn more.

Will (Paradox)

Founder and team lead

Will has a professional background in Computer Science and Construction Finance & Law. He is a Polkadot enthusiast and spent significant time to understand the underpinnings of the ecosystem. He is a community moderator on the official Polkadot and Kusama discord (Paradox#3102). In addition to funding and setting up our validator nodes, he develops and delivers educational videos on the Polkadot ecosystem, including how to setup, configure and troubleshoot validator nodes. Will often engages in discussions with members of the Web3 Foundation, Parity, Polkadot and Kusama council members, for the purposes of learning more about the ecosystem and advocating for positive changes for the broader community.