About Us

The ParaNodes team comprises three individuals who tend to the operational needs of over fifty validator and collator instances. The team is technically qualified and Polkadot focused. We believe in upliftment of all validators and support our peers whenever possible. You'll find us at the frontline of any network issue, ready to share information or lend a helping hand.

Despite our Polkadot focus, working experience affords us working knowledge of deploying and managing validator nodes within Etherum, Avalanche and Cosmos ecosystems. If you require our help with managing validators for any of these networks or would like to query our ability to manage others, please send us an email.

Will | Paradox

Will is a professionally qualified Software Developer with over two decades of experience within the .NET environment. He has functioned in both the media and energy sectors at senior levels. Likewise, within the Polkadot ecosystem, he holds senior positions in Polkadot's official Ambassador programme as well as in its Anti-scam and Community Moderation teams.

On-chain, he is a member of Kusama's outgoing council and the proprietor of ParaNodes. When Will isn't working or helping others he enjoys extending his IT skills in the kitchen, needless to say the results are mixed but are always edible. He is currently in pursuit of the culinary equivalent of CTRL+Z.

Rash | RBDude

Rash worked as an IT Technician for five years in the media industry, with stints as IT Support prior for various other organisations. At ParaNodes he's the first to arrive at the helm to investigate, mend or escalate issues. When he's not responding to IT fires or overseeing rollouts Rash enjoys video games, football (soccer) and reading almost anything he can find.

Kris | KrypticChewie

Kris has two decades of I.T. experience primarily involved in infrastructure rollout. In the world of web 2 he is a Network Analyst with a Master Degree in Network Security but in the web 3 world he's a maestro of the Ansible orchestra. He is also ParaNodes's second string responder. When Kris isn't leading the march he's either tending to his koi or learning new symphonies.